Meet the new GOANNA

Meet the new GOANNA. It’s the same quality product that you know and love, but it has shed its skin and re-emerged with a new look and a new, 21st century vision for adventurous, active living.

GOANNA’s proud history dates back to more than a century ago and so, to celebrate its 110th anniversary, we have rejuvenated GOANNA for 2020 and beyond.

Founded in Queensland in 1910, as a heritage brand with a rich legacy, GOANNA has stood the test of time to become a proven player in helping active Australians to relief discomforts such as aches and pains, cuts and bites and nasal congestion associated with colds for decades. From Australian soldiers in both WWI and WWII to the iconic John Bertrand-led, America’s Cup-winning crew aboard Australia II in 1983, GOANNA products have stood by Australians during times of intense physical endurance.

GOANNA: For adventurers and for modern, active living

Today, GOANNA stands for action – for those who play hard and play long. The GOANNA range of oils and creams lets your body keep pace with your passion. The premium ingredients of GOANNA products have evolved over the years to reflect advances in science and the needs of today’s active Australian adventurers.

The current range of five GOANNA products combine Australian bush ingredients with other pharmaceutical ingredients. The formulations behind our products have been specifically developed to offer soothing and fast-penetrating temporary relief.

Our product range includes:

GOANNA Heat Cream: A combination of naturally occurring, bush ingredients with other pharmaceutical ingredients to deliver a soothing and penetrating heat cream. Used on active muscles before, during and after sport and exercise, or as part of a warm-up routine, to help relieve muscle soreness/tightness.

GOANNA Oil Liniment: A heritage GOANNA product used by generations of Australians for temporary relief from muscular aches and pains. Use on active, large muscle groups before, during and after sport or exercise.

GOANNA Tea Tree Oil: GOANNA Tea Tree Oil contains melaleuca oil – a natural mild antiseptic, germicide and is used for the relief from minor cuts, abrasions, bites and stings.

GOANNA Chest Rub: GOANNA Chest Rub provides temporary relief from nasal congestion associated with colds.

GOANNA Arthritis Cream: GOANNA Arthritis Cream delivers effective temporary relief of pain associated with mild arthritis and rheumatism, as well as relieving back and muscle pain. Topical application of GOANNA Arthritis Cream provides penetrating and soothing analgesia.

GOANNA products are stocked in both leading and independent pharmacies, as well as select supermarkets across Australia. Find out where you can grab your GOANNA now.

These medicines may not be right for you. Read the warnings before purchase. Follow the directions for use. If symptoms persist, talk to your health professional.